This section of the VMware HCX User Guide describes how to install VMware HCX.

Overview of the HCX Installation Process

A VMware HCX deployment involves the followings steps:

  1. Plan for the deployment by completing the HCX Pre-Install Checklist. Use the checklist to prepare deployment configurations for the source and destination.


    Obtain the pre-install checklist from your VMware account team. The team will distribute this document on the VMware Docs website in future releases.

  2. Download and install the HCX Manager OVA.

  3. Connect to the HCX Appliance Management interface to activate, and integrate with local vSphere systems, such as vCenter Server, vCloud Director, NSX, or SSO.

  4. In private to private deployments, prepare the Destination site HCX for services.

  5. Using the HCX Enterprise Plug-In at the source site, register the HCX Cloud Manager as the target (site pair).

  6. Use the source site plugin to build the HCX Interconnect for a selected site pair.