Released 9 December 2014

Last Updated: 24 March 2016

These release notes include the following topics:

What's in This Release of View

Feature Pack Update 6.0.2 provides the Horizon 6.0.1 (with View) release with new features that enhance the remote desktop and application experience delivered to View users. Primarily, this feature pack update provides a new version of View Agent. Other components update HTML Access and View GPOs.

This release does not include a new version of View Connection Server, security server, View Composer, View Persona Management, or View Agent Direct-Connection (VADC) Plug-in. These remain the same as the Horizon 6.0.1 release. Requirements for this release are summarized in Before You Begin.

This release includes the following new components:

  • Horizon View Agent (64-bit and 32-bit). Provides the guest agent required for remote desktops and applications.
  • HTML Access Web Portal installer. Installs on View Connection Server and enables HTML Access functionality.
  • Horizon View HTML Access Direct-Connection. Provides web server static content for supporting HTML Access with VADC.
  • Horizon View GPO Bundle. Provides ADM template files that contain group policy settings to configure View functionality.

New Features

This release of View provides the following new features and enhancements:

  • Windows Media Multimedia Redirection (MMR)
    Windows Media MMR, provided for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 desktops and clients, redirects the multimedia stream directly to the client computer. Users can play videos in Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer. The feature supports the media formats that are supported on Windows Media Player. Windows Media MMR is supported on both 2D- and 3D-enabled desktops.
    Windows Media MMR is also supported on View Agent Direct-Connection desktops.
  • HTML Access support for RDS Desktops
    Users can connect to RDS desktops from their browsers by using HTML Access.
  • Scanner redirection
    Scanner redirection allows View users to scan information in their remote desktops and applications with scanners that are connected locally to their client computers. This feature is supported on VDI desktops running on single-user machines and on RDS desktops and applications.
  • Persistent settings in location-based printing
    Printer settings for location-based printers are retained after a user logs out or disconnects from the desktop. After the user logs in to the desktop again, the location-based printer continues to use the previously configured settings.
  • Tech Preview: HTML Access support for vDGA desktops
    Users can connect via HTML Access to desktops that use Virtual Dedicated Graphics Acceleration (vDGA) graphics cards. Users have browser-based access to View desktops that take advantage of the enhanced graphics capabilities of vDGA virtual machines. Note: This Tech Preview feature is available for you to try out, but VMware support for the feature is not available.

Before You Begin

  • Important note about upgrading to ESXi 5.5 Update 3b or later
  • Feature Pack Update 6.0.2 is supported on Horizon 6.0.1 (with View).
  • Specifically, you must install or upgrade your View Connection Server instances, security servers, and View Composer to Horizon 6.0.1 (with View) before you install or upgrade View Agent or any other component to Feature Pack Update 6.0.2.

Information Resources

Compatibility Notes

  • No version of Multimedia Redirection (MMR) is supported or provided on Windows 7 or later operating systems if you deploy the following mix of client and desktop versions:
    • Horizon Client 3.1 for Windows or earlier and View Agent 6.0.2 or later
    • Horizon Client 3.2 for Windows or later and View Agent 6.0.1 or earlier
  • Wyse MMR for Windows XP and Windows Vista is supported on all the preceding combinations of clients and desktops.
  • For details about compatibility requirements for MMR, see "System Requirements for Using Multimedia Redirection (MMR)" in the Using VMware Horizon Client for Windows guide, available on the VMware Horizon Clients Documentation page.


The View Administrator user interface, View Administrator online help, and View product documentation are available in Japanese, French, German, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Korean.

View Agent Version

  • The View Agent version numbers displayed for this release differ slightly in different View interfaces. The View Agent installer and Add/Remove Programs window show View Agent 6.0.2. View Administrator shows View Agent 6.0.1 (FP 6.0.2). Both version numbers refer to this release of View Agent.

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Known Issues

The known issues are grouped as follows:

Installation, Upgrade, and Uninstall Operations

  • If the scanner redirection feature is installed with View Agent 6.0.2, an in-place upgrade from View 6.0.2 to a future release of View will not be possible. In this situation, you will have to uninstall View Agent 6.0.2 before you can install the newer version.

Windows Media MMR

  • Windows Media MMR does not perform ideally on certain graphics cards, such as certain AMD models, which have slow video memory read back performance.
    Workaround: None
  • If you switch browser tabs while playing a redirected video in Internet Explorer, part of the video window continues to be displayed behind or next to the browser window. This issue only occurs on Windows 7 desktops.
    Workaround: Use Windows 8.1 desktops. Alternatively, do not switch to another tab while a redirected video is playing.

Scanner Redirection

  • Sometimes the scanner settings do not take effect on WIA scanners. For example, if you select grayscale mode and select a partial area of the original image, the scanner might use color and scan the whole image.
    Workaround: Use a TWAIN scanner.
  • In some environments, if you switch to a different WIA scanner, the images might continue to be scanned from the original scanner.
    Workaround: Log off the View desktop session. Launch a new desktop session and perform the scan using the selected scanner.
  • When you uninstall View Agent 6.0.2 with the Scanner Redirection feature installed, the uninstall process requires you to close any running applications.
    Workaround: None. You must close the listed applications before you continue to uninstall View Agent.

Remote Desktop and Application Experience

  • Persistent settings for location-based printers are not supported if the settings are saved in the printer driver's private space and not in the DEVMODE extended part of the printer driver, as recommended by Microsoft.
    Workaround: Use printers that have the user preference settings saved in the DEVMODE part of the printer driver.















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