You can quickly survey the status of the View and vSphere components in your View deployment by using the View Administrator dashboard.

About this task

View Administrator displays monitoring information about View Connection Server instances, the event database, security servers, View Composer services, datastores, vCenter Server instances, and domains.


View cannot determine status information about Kerberos domains. View Administrator displays Kerberos domain status as unknown, even when a domain is configured and working.


  1. In View Administrator, click Dashboard.
  2. In the System Health pane, expand View components, vSphere components, or Other components.
    • A green up arrow indicates that a component has no problems.

    • A red down arrow indicates that a component is unavailable or not functioning.

    • A yellow double arrow indicates that a component is in a warning state.

    • A question mark indicates that the status of a component is unknown.

  3. Click a component name.

    A dialog displays the name, version, status, and other component information.

What to do next

Use vCenter Server to monitor any Virtual SAN clusters and the disks that participate in a Virtual SAN datastore. For more information, see the vSphere Storage document and the vSphere Monitoring and Performance documentation.