You can use the lmvutil command with the --showUserHomeSites or --showGroupHomeSites option to list all of the configured home sites for a specific user or group.


lmvutil --showUserHomeSites --userName domain\username [--entitlementName name]
lmvutil --showGroupHomeSites --groupName domain\groupname [--entitlementName name]

Usage Notes

These commands return an error message if the Cloud Pod Architecture feature is not initialized or if the specified user, group, or global entitlement does not exist.


You can specify these options when you list the home sites for a user or group.

Table 1. Options for Listing the Home Sites for a User or Group




Specifies the name of a user. Use the format domain\username.


Specifies the name of a group. Use the format domain\groupname.


(Optional) Specifies the name of a global entitlement. Use this option if you want to show the home sites for a user or group and global entitlement combination.


lmvutil --authAs adminEast --authDomain domainEast --authPassword "*" --showUserHomeSites --userName example\adminEast

lmvutil --authAs adminEast --authDomain domainEast --authPassword "*" --showGroupHomeSites --groupName example\adminEastGroup