In a Cloud Pod Architecture environment, a site is a collection of well-connected pods in the same physical location, typically in a single datacenter. The Cloud Pod Architecture feature treats pods in the same site equally.

When you initialize the Cloud Pod Architecture feature, it places all pods into a default site called Default First Site. If you have a large implementation, you might want to create additional sites and add pods to those sites.

The Cloud Pod Architecture feature assumes that pods within the same site are on the same LAN, and that pods in different sites are on different LANs. Because WAN-connected pods have slower network performance, the Cloud Pod Architecture feature gives preference to desktops that are in the local pod or site when it allocates desktops to users.

Sites can be a useful part of a disaster recovery solution. For example, you can assign pods in different datacenters to different sites and then entitle users and groups to desktop pools that span those sites. If a datacenter in one site becomes unavailable, you can use desktops from the available site to satisfy user desktop requests.

For information about creating sites, see Create and Configure a Site.