When you install View Agent on an RDS host, you can select custom setup options. In addition, View Agent installs certain features automatically on all guest operating systems on which they are supported. These features are not optional.

Table 1. View Agent Custom Setup Options for an RDS Host



vCenter Operations Manager Agent

Lets View work with vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon.

Scanner Redirection

Redirects scanning devices that are connected to the client system so that they can be used on the RDS desktop or application.

You must install the Desktop Experience feature in the Windows Server operating system on the RDS hosts to make this option available in the View Agent installer.

This setup option is not installed by default on Windows Server guest operating systems. You must select the option to install it.

Scanner redirection is available in Horizon 6.0.2 and later releases.

Table 2. View Agent Features That Are Installed Automatically on an RDS Host



PCoIP Agent

Allows users to connect to applications and RDS desktops using the PCoIP display protocol.

You must install this component if you plan to create application pools because users can only connect to applications using PCoIP.

Unity Touch

Allows tablet and smart phone users to interact with Windows applications that run on the remote desktop. Users can browse, search, and open Windows applications and files, choose favorite applications and files, and switch between running applications without using the Start menu or Taskbar.

PSG Agent

Installs the PCoIP Secure Gateway on RDS hosts to implement the PCoIP display protocol for desktop and application sessions that run on RDS hosts.


Provides the VMware implementation of Remote Desktop Services functionality.

For additional features that are supported on RDS hosts, see "Feature Support Matrix for View Agent" in the View Architecture Planning document.