After upgrading to Horizon vCenter Orchestrator plug-in 1.1, you must perform some configuration tasks before running the newly added workflows.

  1. Set access rights for delegated administrators on the newly created GuestCredentialConfiguration and SelfServicePoolConfiguration configuration elements in the View folder. See Best Practices for Managing Workflow Permissions.
  2. Run the Add Guest Credential workflow, in the Configuration/Horizon Registration Configuration folder, before using any of the new workflows for registering unmanaged machines.

    Unmanaged machines are virtual machines that are managed by a vCenter instance that has not been added to View. That is, if you log in to View Administrator, and go to View Configuration > Servers > vCenter Servers, you will not see the vCenter Server instance in the list.

    You must register an unmanaged machine with a View Connection Server instance before you can add the virtual machine to a manual desktop pool. To run the Add Guest Credential workflow, you must have local or domain administrator credentials for the virtual machine.

  3. Run the Manage Delegated Administrator Configuration for Registration workflow, in the Configuration/Horizon Registration Configuration folder, to allow the specified delegated administrator to use the guest credentials and access the datacenter or virtual machine folder that contains the unmanaged virtual machine.
  4. Run the Manage Self Service Pool Configuration workflow, in the Configuration/Self Service Pool Configuration folder, to specify which desktop and application pools will be available for self-service workflows in the newly added Workflows/vCAC61 folder.