In View 5.2 and later releases, you can configure an automated desktop pool to use multiple network labels. You can assign multiple network labels to a linked-clone pool or an automated pool that contains full virtual machines.

In past releases, virtual machines in the pool inherited the network labels that were used by the NICs on the parent virtual machine or template. A typical parent virtual machine or template contains one NIC and one network label. A network label defines a port group and VLAN. The netmask of one VLAN typically provides a limited range of available IP addresses.

In View 5.2 and later releases, you can assign network labels that are available in vCenter Server for all the ESXi hosts in the cluster where the desktop pool is deployed. By configuring multiple network labels for the pool, you greatly expand the number of IP addresses that can be assigned to the virtual machines in the pool.

You must use View PowerCLI cmdlets to assign multiple network labels to a pool. You cannot perform this task in View Administrator.

For details about using View PowerCLI to perform this task, see "Assign Multiple Network Labels to a Desktop Pool" in the chapter "Using View PowerCLI" in the View Integration document.