After you set up a Linux guest operating system for use as a remote desktop, entitled users can launch VDI desktop sessions on the single-user Linux machine just as they do on a Windows machine.

Linux desktops provide features such as audio out, multiple monitors, and autofit.

Certain limitations apply to this release of View Agent for Linux:

  • Single Sign-on (SSO) is not supported. After logging in to Horizon 6 and launching the remote desktop, the user must log in to the Linux guest operating system.

  • Automated provisioning and other features that are provided only with automated desktop pools are not supported. For example, the refresh on logoff operation is not available.

  • Local devices cannot be used on the remote desktop. For example, USB redirection, virtual printing, location-based printing, clipboard redirection, Real-Time Audio-Video, and smart cards are not supported.

  • HTML Access is not supported.


When a security server is used, port 5443 must be open in the internal firewall to allow traffic between the security server and the Linux desktop.