View Agent requires certain JRE versions to be installed on Linux guest operating systems. When you install View Agent on a Linux virtual machine, the installer downloads the required JRE if it is not already present on the machine.

If the Linux virtual machine is not connected to the Internet, you must manually download the required JRE before you install View Agent.

View Agent for Linux supports JRE version 1.7.x. Version 1.8 is not supported.


Make sure that the JRE version is patched to include the latest security updates. You must use Update 75 or later to address the SKIP-TLS security vulnerabilities.

Table 1. JRE Versions Required by View Agent on Linux Distributions

Linux Distribution

JRE Version

Ubuntu 12.04

Oracle Java 1.7.0_80

RHEL 6.6

Oracle jre-7u79 (1.7.0_79)

CentOS 6.6

Oracle jre-7u79 (1.7.0_79)


Oracle jre-7u79 (1.7.0_79)