You must install View Agent on a Linux virtual machine before you can deploy the machine as a remote desktop.


  • Verify that the Linux guest operating system is prepared for desktop use. See Prepare a Linux Guest Operating System for Remote Desktop Deployment.

  • Familiarize yourself with the View Agent installer script for Linux. See Command Usage and Options.

  • Verify that the View Connection Server administrative user that you provide with the installation command has the Agent Registration Administrators or Administrators role in View Administrator. Specifically, the Register Agent privilege is required to register View Agent with View Connection Server. Agent Registration Administrators is a restricted role that provides this minimum privilege.


  1. Download the View Agent for Linux installer file from the VMware download site at

    Under Desktop & End-User Computing, select the VMware Horizon 6 download, which includes the View Agent for Linux installer.

    The installer filename is VMware-viewagent-linux-x86_64-y.y.y-xxxxxxx.tar for 64-bit Linux or VMware-viewagent-linux-y.y.y-xxxxxxx.tar for 34-bit Linux, where y.y.y is the version number and xxxxxxx is the build number.

  2. Unpack the tarball for your Linux distribution on the guest operating system.

    For example:

    tar -xvf <View Agent tar ball>
  3. Navigate to the tar ball folder.
  4. Run the script to install View Agent.

    For example:

    sudo ./ -b -d -u administrator -p password 

    The -b parameter specifies the View Connection Server instance to which the Linux machine is registered. You can use an FQDN or IP address with the -b parameter.

    The -d, -u, and -p parameters specify the domain, user name, and password of the View administrator user. In the password, be sure to escape special characters such as $. For example: ab\$cdef

    If you do not type the -p parameter with the command, you are prompted to provide the password after you enter the command. When you type the password at the prompt, the text is hidden.

    By default, the hostname of the Linux machine is used to register the machine. You can specify a different machine name with the -n parameter.

  5. Restart or log out of the guest operating system.

    This step ensures that the graphics UI changes configured by View Agent take effect on the machine.


The script installs the View Agent software on the Linux virtual machine. The script registers the machine with View Connection Server.

The viewagent service is started on the Linux virtual machine. You can verify that the service is started by running the #service viewagent status command.

If an Agent Registration Failed message appears, see Troubleshooting View Agent Registration Failure for a Linux Machine.

If another View Agent issue occurs, see Troubleshooting Horizon 6 for Linux.