If you join the customer experience improvement program, VMware collects data from View and vCenter Server fields that describe virtual machines. Fields containing sensitive information are made anonymous.

Table 1. Machine Data Collected from View
Description Is This Field Made Anonymous? Example Value
The machine was marked as dirty. The virtual machine was used when useonce=true, and therefore should not accept new sessions No True or false
Mapping of devices to change IDs No A set of IDs such as the following:


An identifier for the machine that is used to correlate data No vm-10
Sysprep customization is used for the guest operating system No True or false
Timeout value. The period of time before the machine is disconnected. No Time
A random ID for the View Agent for this machine No GUID
Miscellaneous configuration values No Integers and booleans (true or false)
View LDAP identifier for the previous View Composer persistent disk No LDAP entry
Thinapps that are entitled to the machine Yes None
Thinapps that are pending an uninstallation Yes None
Thinapps that are installed in the machine Yes None
The state of the machine No Undefined, Pre-provisioned, Cloning, Cloning error, Customizing, Ready, Deleting, Maintenance, Error, or Logout
Timestamp of when customization started No Integer
The machine is powered on for customization No Integer. The values are 0 or 1.
The machine is powered on No True or false
The machine is suspended No True or false
The machine state is in transition No True or false
The machine is configured No True or false
The path to the virtual machine in vCenter Server Yes None
Customization template used to customize the machine Yes None
View Composer linked clone ID for the machine No GUID of the linked clone
The virtual machine missing in vCenter Server No True or false
Number of times View tried to power off the machine No Integer
Status of CBRC (View Storage Accelerator) No Off, Current, Out of date, or Error
Time of the latest CBRC refresh No Date
Time of the latest CBRC error No Integer
Time of the latest incomplete attempt to configure CBRC No Integer
The version of View Agent installed on the machine No 6.0.0-551711
View Persona Management is enabled on the machine No True or false
Last amount, in bytes, of machine disk space reclaimed (if using SE Sparse format) No
Time of last space reclamation No Timestamp
Table 2. Virtual Machine Data Collected from vCenter Server
Description Is This Field Made Anonymous? Example Value
The virtual machine hardware version No v8
The amount of RAM that is allocated to the virtual machine No 1024
The number of virtual CPUs that are configured in the virtual machine No Integer
The operating system installed on the virtual machine No Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit), Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit), Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit),and so on