In View Administrator, you can monitor the active desktop sessions and application users who are concurrently connected to View. The Product Licensing and Usage page displays the current and highest historical concurrent connection numbers. You can use these numbers to keep track of your product license usage. You can also reset the historical usage data and start over with the current data.

Remote desktop connections are counted per session. If a user runs multiple remote desktops, each connected desktop session is counted separately.

Remote application connections are counted per user. If a user runs multiple remote applications, the user is counted only once, even if different applications are hosted on different RDS hosts.

The Highest column on the Product Licensing and Usage page displays the highest number of concurrent desktop sessions and remote application users since your View deployment was first configured or since the Reset Highest setting was last selected.

An administrator with the Manage Global Configuration and Policies privilege can select the Reset Highest setting. To restrict access to the Reset Highest setting, give this privilege to designated administrators only.


  1. In View Administrator, select View Configuration > Product Licensing and Usage.
  2. (Optional) In the Usage pane, select Reset Highest.
    The highest historical number of concurrent connections is reset to the current number.