View can back up your View Connection Server and View Composer configuration data at regular intervals. In View Administrator, you can set the frequency and other aspects of the backup operations.

Table 1. View Configuration Backup Settings
Setting Description
Automatic backup frequency Every Hour. Backups take place every hour on the hour.

Every 6 Hours. Backups take place at midnight, 6 am, noon, and 6 pm.

Every 12 Hours. Backups take place at midnight and noon.

Every Day. Backups take place every day at midnight.

Every 2 Days. Backups occur at midnight on Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Every Week. Backups take place weekly at midnight on Saturday.

Every 2 Weeks. Backups take place every other week at midnight on Saturday.

Never. Backups do not take place automatically.

Max number of backups Number of backup files that can be stored on the View Connection Server instance. The number must be an integer greater than 0.

When the maximum number is reached, View deletes the oldest backup file.

This setting also applies to backup files that are created when you use Backup Now.

Folder location Default location of the backup files on the computer where View Connection Server is running: C:\Programdata\VMWare\VDM\backups

When you use Backup Now, View also stores the backup files in this location.