On RDS hosts with Windows Server 2008 R2 or a later operating system, you can upgrade the View Agent software and edit pool settings so that the RDS host can provide remote desktops and remote Windows-based applications.

With VMware Horizon 6.0 and later releases, you can use Microsoft RDS hosts to provide remote applications, in addition to remote desktops. With this added functionality, the previously hidden server farm name is displayed in View Administrator.


  • Verify that at least one View Connection Server instance in the replicated group has been upgraded. View Connection Server must be upgraded first so that the secure JMS pairing mechanism can work with View Agent.
  • Verify that the RDS host currently hosting remote desktops is running Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, or Windows Server 2012 R2. Windows Server 2008 (Terminal Services) was supported for earlier versions of View but is not a supported operating system for this release. If you do not have a supported Windows Server operating system, you must do a fresh installation rather than an upgrade. For a list of supported operating systems, see Supported Operating Systems for View Agent.
  • Verify that the RDS Host role is installed in the operating system. See the procedure called "Install Remote Desktop Services on Windows Server 2008 R2" in the Setting Up Desktop and Application Pools in View document.
  • Familiarize yourself with the procedure for running the View Agent installer. See the procedure called "Install View Agent on a Remote Desktop Services Host," in Setting Up Desktop and Application Pools in View, available by clicking the Help button in View Administrator.
  • Verify that you have a domain user account with administrative privileges on the hosts that you will use to run the installer and perform the upgrade.


  1. In View Administrator, edit the desktop pool settings for the pool to disable the pool.
    Go to Catalog > Desktop Pools, select the pool, and click Edit.
  2. On the RDS host, download and run the installer for the new version of View Agent.
    You can download the installer from the VMware Web site.
  3. In View Administrator, edit the farm settings and set the default display protocol to PCoIP.
    Go to Resources > Farms, select the farm, and click Edit.

    You can also use a setting that allows the end user to choose the protocol. To use remote applications, the protocol must be PCoIP.

  4. In View Administrator, edit the desktop pool settings for the pool to enable the pool.


This host can now provide remote applications in addition to remote desktops. In View Administrator, if you go to Catalog > Desktop Pools, you see that the type of pool is RDS Desktop Pool. If you go to Resources > Farms, you see a farm ID in the list that corresponds to the pool ID.

What to do next

Upgrade the clients. See Upgrade the Client Application.