This workflow allows a delegated administrator to recompose one or more machines from one or more desktop pools.


Pod, pool ID, parent virtual machine (base image), snapshot (base image snapshot), option to recompose all pools, pool IDs, option to recompose all machines, machine IDs, recompose policy


Run the Add Recompose Policy Configuration workflow before running this workflow.


When running the Add Recompose Policy Configuration workflow, for the Delay Minutes value, if you accidentally type in a number followed by letters, the letters are removed. For example, if you type in 5abc4, the value is converted to 5 minutes. If you type in only non-numeric characters, you receive an error message. This behavior applies to all the recompose policy workflows.


The specified machines from the specified pools are recomposed according to the selected policy.


  • Only View Composer linked-clone pools are supported.

  • The list of parent virtual machines (base Images) contains the default base images of only those pools for which the delegated administrator has been granted access.