The HTML Access ADM Template file, vdm-blast.adm, contains group policy settings that you can apply to your remote desktops. After the template file is imported into Active Directory, the HTML Access group policy settings are contained in the VMware Blast folder in the Group Policy Editor.

Table 1. HTML Access Group Policy Settings
Setting Description
Screen Blanking Controls whether the remote virtual machine can be seen from outside of View during an HTML Access session. For example, an administrator might use vSphere Web Client to open a console on the virtual machine while a user is connected to the desktop through HTML Access.

When this setting is enabled or not configured, and someone attempts to access the remote virtual machine from outside of View while an HTML Access session is active, the remote virtual machine displays a blank screen.

Session Garbage Collection Controls the garbage collection of abandoned remoting sessions. When this setting is enabled, you can configure the garbage collection interval and threshold.

The interval controls how often the garbage collector runs. You set the interval in milliseconds.

The threshold determines how much time must pass after a session is abandoned before it becomes a candidate for deletion. You set the threshold in seconds.

Configure clipboard redirection Determines the direction in which clipboard redirection is allowed. Only text can be copied and pasted. You can select one of these values:
  • Enabled client to server only (That is, allow copy and paste only from the client system to the remote desktop.)
  • Disabled in both directions
  • Enabled in both directions
  • Enabled server to client only (That is, allow copy and paste only from the remote desktop to the client system.)

This setting applies to View Agent only.

When this setting is disabled or not configured, the default value is Enabled client to server only.

HTTP Service Allows you to change the secured (HTTPS) TCP port for the Blast Agent service. The default port is 22443.

Enable this setting to change the port number. If you change this setting, you must also update settings on the firewall of the affected remote desktops (where View Agent is installed).