Horizon Client and View Agent Security provides a concise reference to the security features of VMware Horizon® Client™ and VMware View Agent®. This guide is a companion to the View Security guide, which is produced for every major and minor version of VMware Horizon™ 6. The Horizon Client and View Agent Security guide is updated quarterly, with the quarterly releases of Horizon Client and View Agent.

Horizon Client is the application that end users launch from their client devices in order to connect to a remote application or View desktop. View Agent is the agent software that runs in the operating system of the View desktop or Microsoft RDS host that provides remote applications. This guide includes the following information:

  • Required system login accounts. Log-on ID of accounts created during system install/bootstrap and instructions on how to change defaults.

  • Configuration options and settings that have security implications.

  • Resources that must be protected, such as security-relevant configuration files and passwords, and the recommended access controls for secure operation.

  • Location of log files and their purpose.

  • Privileges assigned to service users.

  • External interfaces, ports, and services that must be open or enabled for the correct operation of Horizon Client and View Agent.

  • Information on how customers can obtain and apply the latest security update or patch.

Intended Audience

This information is intended for IT decision makers, architects, administrators, and others who must familiarize themselves with the security components of Horizon 6, including Horizon Client and View Agent.

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