If you join the customer experience improvement program, VMware collects data from certain Cloud Pod Architecture fields. Fields containing sensitive information are made anonymous.

Table 1. Information Collected About Cloud Pod Architecture
Description Is This Field Made Anonymous? Example or type
The Cloud Pod Architecture feature is enabled No True or false
Local pod ID No
Frequency, in seconds, that the system will perform a cross-pod health check No Integer
Maximum allowed time difference between the pods, in seconds No Integer
Common name of the site that the pod belongs to No
List of global entitlement IDs (for example, a pod has desktop pools that support the global entitlements) No List of strings
Common name of the pod endpoint, which is a View Connection Server instance Yes
Common name of the pod that contains this endpoint No
The pod endpoint is disabled No True or false
Weighting to apply when randomly selecting endpoints (View Connection Server instances) for remote sessions No Integer
The global entitlement is disabled No True or false
Desktop lookup starts from the user's home site (If set to false, the lookup starts from the local pod) No True or false
Global entitlement is for a dedicate desktop No

0 = No

1 = Yes

Scope for which the existing session lookup is to be done No ANY, SITE, or LOCAL
Scope for which the new session placement is to be done No ANY, SITE, or LOCAL
User's home site is required for this global entitlement No True or false
Automatic session cleanup is enabled No True or false