Administrators can configure View Connection Server to allow Horizon Client mobile devices to remember a user's user name, password, and domain information. If users choose to have their credentials saved, the credentials are added to the login fields in Horizon Client on subsequent connections.

On Windows-based Horizon clients, the feature for logging in as the current user avoids requiring users to supply credentials multiple times. With Horizon Client for mobile devices, such as Android and iPad, you can configure a feature that allows a Save Password check box to appear on the login dialog boxes.

You configure a timeout limit that indicates how long to save credential information by setting a value in View LDAP. The timeout limit is set in minutes. When you change View LDAP on a View Connection Server instance, the change is propagated to all replicated View Connection Server instances.


See the Microsoft TechNet Web site for information on how to use the ADSI Edit utility on your Windows operating system version.


  1. Start the ADSI Edit utility on your View Connection Server host.
  2. In the Connection Settings dialog box, select or connect to DC=vdi,DC=vmware,DC=int.
  3. In the Computer pane, select or type localhost:389 or the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the View Connection Server host followed by port 389.
    For example: localhost:389 or
  4. On the object CN=Common, OU=Global, OU=Properties, edit the pae-ClientConfig attribute and add the value clientCredentialCacheTimeout=<integer>.
    When clientCredentialCacheTimeout is not set or is set to 0, the feature is disabled. To enable this feature, you can set the number of minutes to retain the credential information, or set a value of -1, meaning that there is no timeout.
    Note: The parameter name clientCredentialCacheTimeout is case-sensitive.


On View Connection Server, the new setting takes effect immediately. You do not need to restart the View Connection Server service or the client computer.