The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an XML-based standard that is used to describe and exchange authentication and authorization information between different security domains. SAML passes information about users between identity providers and service providers in XML documents called SAML assertions.

You can use SAML authentication to integrate VMware Workspace Portal with View or to integrate third-party load balancers or gateways with View. When SSO is enabled, users who log in to Workspace Portal or a third-party device can launch remote desktops and applications without having to go through a second login procedure. You can also use SAML authentication to implement smart card authentication on third-party devices.

To delegate responsibility for authentication to Workspace Portal or a third-party device, you must create a SAML authenticator in View. A SAML authenticator contains the trust and metadata exchange between View and Workspace Portal or View and the third-party device. You associate a SAML authenticator with a View Connection Server instance.