If you join the customer experience improvement program, VMware collects data from certain desktop pool fields. Fields containing sensitive information are made anonymous.

Table 1. Configuration Information Collected from Desktop Pools
Description Is This Field Made Anonymous? Example Value
The common name (CN) for the desktop pool entry in View LDAP Yes None
The descriptive, display name of the desktop pool Yes None
The desktop pool is disabled No True or false
Type of desktop pool No One of the following:

IndividualVC, IndividualUnmanaged, Persistent, NonPersistent, SviPersistent, SviNonPersistent, ManualVCPersistent, Manual, ManualUnmanagedPersistent, ManualUnmanagedNonPersistent, TerminalService, OnRequestVcPersistent, OnRequestVcNonPersistent, OnRequestSviPersistent, OnRequestSviNonPersistent

The View Administrator folder under which this desktop pool is grouped Yes None
The list of virtual machine Distinguished Names (DNs) that belong to the desktop pool No An example list item:


Are multiple sessions allowed in the desktop pool? No True or false
Are users of this desktop pool allowed to reset their virtual machines? No Off, Optional, or Required
Time after which a forced logoff message is displayed No True or false
The Distinguished Name (DN) of the vCenter Server instance that manages the virtual machines in the pool No "CN=e7a718de-d0f7-444a-9452-156dce289028,OU=VirtualCenter,OU=Properties,DC=vdi,DC=vmware,DC=int"
Minimum number of virtual machines in the desktop pool No Integer
Maximum number of virtual machines in the desktop pool No Integer
Number of spare, provisioned virtual machines in the desktop pool No Integer
Deletion policy for the desktop pool No Default, DeleteOnUse, or RefreshOnUse
DNS suffix used in provisioning Yes None
The naming pattern (prefix) to use for auto-deployed virtual machine names Yes None
The template from which to clone virtual machines Yes None
The folder in vCenter Server in which deployed virtual machines are stored Yes None
The resource pool used for the virtual machines Yes None
A list of datastores Yes None
The customization specification used to deploy virtual machines Yes None
Enable auto-provisioning for the desktop pool No True or false
Errors encountered while provisioning No
Stop provisioning when an error is encountered No True or false
Start provisioning No True or false
Pool values have been calculated No True or false
The parent virtual machine used to provision linked clones Yes None
The snapshot name used for linked-clone provisioning Yes None
The snapshot ID used for linked-clone provisioning No "snapshot-38685"
Deployment group ID used by the VMware Horizon View Composer service No "7119316f-00a8-463d-bbba-c3000f105aeb"
View Composer persistent disk datastore path Yes None
Type of View Composer disk No "SystemDisposable" , UserProfile, and so on
Create the persistent disk as a sparse disk No True or false
The drive mount letter for the persistent disk or disposable data disk No "*", "C", and so on
Target size of the persistent disk No Integer
Type of refresh policy No Always, Never, or Conditional
Usage threshold for refresh operations No Integer
Time threshold for refresh operations No Integer
Level of overcommit for a datastore that stores linked clones No None, Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive
Datastore path for a datastore that stores linked clones Yes None
List of IDs this datastore is used for No List of GUIDs, such as the following:


Virtual machine state No Ready, Pre-provisioned, Cloning, Cloning Error, Customizing, Deleting, Maintenance, Error, or Logout
Assign a virtual machine to a user when the user first logs in No True or false
Flags for the desktop pool No
Multimonitor configuration settings No svga.maxWidth:int, svga.vramSize:int, svga.maxHeight:int, svga.enable3d:bool, svga.numDisplays:int
An individual virtual machine was converted to a manual pool No True or false
The linked-clone pool uses native snapshot cloning with VAAI No True or false
View Storage Accelerator (CBRC) is enabled No True or false
Frequency that the CBRC cache is refreshed No Integer
CBRC cache refresh blackout periods No List
The disk types that are cached for CBRC (OS disks, persistent disks) No List
Virtual machine disk space reclamation (SE Sparse format) is enabled No True or false
Disk space reclamation threshold, in bytes No
Minimum number of virtual machines that are ready during a refit operation No
The desktop pool uses a Virtual SAN datastore No True or false
Number of remote desktop entitlements for this server pool No 0 or 1
Number of remote application entitlements for this pool No 0 or 1
Default display protocol No PCoIP or RDP
The user can chose the display protocol used No True or false
HTML Access is enabled No True or false
Flash quality level No None used, low, medium, high
Flash throttling level No None used, conservative, moderate, aggressive
Pool is disabled No True or false
Pool is marked for deletion No True or false
Tags associated with the View Connection Server instance Yes None
Use a different Mirage server than what is specified in the global settings No True or false
Mirage server is enabled No True or false
URL of the Mirage server, including port number Yes None