In a dedicated-assignment pool, you can assign a user to be the owner of the virtual machine that hosts a remote desktop. Only the assigned user can log in and connect to the remote desktop.

View assigns machines to users in these situations.

  • When you create a desktop pool and select the Enable automatic assignment setting.
    Note: If you select the Enable automatic assignment setting, you can still manually assign machines to users.
  • When you create an automated pool, select the Specify names manually setting, and provide user names with the machine names.

If you do not select either setting in a dedicated-assignment pool, users do not have access to remote desktops. You must manually assign a machine to each user.

You can also use the vdmadmin command to assign machines to users. See Assigning Dedicated Machines Using the ‑L Option.


  • Verify that the remote desktop virtual machine belongs to a dedicated-assignment pool. In View Administrator, the desktop pool assignment appears in the Desktop Pool column the Machines page.


  1. In View Administrator, select Resources > Machines, or select Catalog > Desktop Pools, double-click a pool ID, and click the Inventory tab.
  2. Select the machine.
  3. Select Assign User from the More Commands drop-down menu.
  4. Choose whether to find users or groups, select a domain, and type a search string in the Name or Description text box.
  5. Select the user or group name and click OK.