With the Cloud Pod Architecture feature, you can link together multiple View pods to provide a single large desktop and application brokering and management environment.

A View pod consists of a set of View Connection Server instances, shared storage, a database server, and the vSphere and network infrastructures required to host desktop virtual machines and application pools. In a traditional View implementation, you manage each pod independently. With the Cloud Pod Architecture feature, you can join together multiple pods to form a single View implementation called a pod federation.

A pod federation can span multiple sites and datacenters and simultaneously simplify the administration effort required to manage a large-scale View deployment.

Figure 1. Basic Cloud Pod Architecture Topology
A diagram of a basic Cloud Pod Architecture topology.

In the example topology, two previously standalone View pods in different datacenters are joined together to form a single pod federation. An end user in this environment can connect to a View Connection Server instance in the New York datacenter and receive a desktop or application in the London data center.