You can use View Administrator to remove a pod that was previously joined to the pod federation. You might want to remove a pod from the pod federation if it is being recommissioned for another purpose or if it was wrongly configured.

To remove the last pod in the pod federation, you unitialize the Cloud Pod Architecture feature. See Uninitialize the Cloud Pod Architecture Feature.

Important: Do not stop or start a View Connection Server instance while it is being removed from a pod federation. The View Connection Server service might not restart correctly.


  1. Log in to the View Administrator user interface for any View Connection Server instance in the pod that you want to remove from the pod federation.
  2. In View Administrator, select Cloud Pod Architecture and click Unjoin in the Pod Federation pane.
  3. Click OK to begin the unjoin operation.
    View Administrator shows the progress of the unjoin operation.
  4. When View Administrator prompts you to reload the client, click OK.
    After the View Administrator user interface is refreshed, Global Entitlements no longer appears under Catalog and Sites no longer appears under View Configuration in the View Administrator Inventory panel.