A home site is a relationship between a user or group and a Cloud Pod Architecture site. With home sites, you can ensure that a user always receives desktops and applications from a specific site rather than receiving desktops and applications based on the user's current location. The Cloud Pod Architecture feature includes the following types of home site assignments.

Global home site
A home site that is assigned to a user or group.

If a user who has a home site belongs to a group that is associated with a different home site, the home site associated with the user takes precedence over the group home site assignment.

Global homes sites are useful for controlling where roaming users receive desktops and applications. For example, if a user has a home site in New York but is visiting London, View looks in the New York site to satisfy the user's desktop request rather than allocating a desktop closer to the user. Global home site assignments apply for all global entitlements.

Important: Global entitlements do not recognize home sites by default. To make a global entitlement use home sites, you must select the Use home site option when you create or modify the global entitlement.
Per-global-entitlement home site
A home site that is associated with a global entitlement.

When you use the lmvutil command to create a home site for a user or group, you can use the --entitlementName option to specify a global entitlement. Per-global-entitlement home sites override global home site assignments.

For example, if a user who has a home site in New York accesses a global entitlement that associates that user with the London home site, View looks in the London site to satisfy the user's application request rather than allocating an application from the New York site.

When you use the lmvutil command with the --createGroupHomeSite option to create a per-global-entitlement home site, you must explicitly entitle all Active Directory user groups that contain the home site users. If you have nested user groups, it is not sufficient to entitle only the parent group. In this case, the parent group is explicitly entitled to the global entitlement, but the subgroups are not, and the --createGroupHomeSite option fails.

Configuring home sites is optional. If a user does not have a home site, View searches for and allocates desktops and applications as described in Finding and Allocating Desktops and Applications in the Pod Federation.