By using scanner redirection, View users can scan information in their remote desktops and applications with scanning and imaging devices that are connected locally to their client computers. Scanner redirection is available in Horizon 6.0.2 and later releases.

Scanner redirection supports standard scanning and imaging devices that are compatible with the TWAIN and WIA formats.

After you install View Agent with the Scanner Redirection setup option, the feature works on your remote desktops and applications without further configuration. You do not have to configure scanner-specific drivers on remote desktops or applications.

You can configure group policy settings to change default values to adapt to particular scanning and imaging applications or environments. You can also set a policy to disable or enable the feature altogether. With an ADM template file, you can install scanner redirection group policy settings in Active Directory or on individual desktops. See Configuring Scanner Redirection Group Policy Settings.

When scanning data is redirected to a remote desktop or application, you cannot access the scanning or imaging device on the local computer. Conversely, when a device is in use on the local computer, you cannot access it on the remote desktop or application.