When you prepare a parent virtual machine for View Composer, you can configure the parent virtual machine and linked clones to store virtual-machine swap files on the local datastore. This optional strategy lets you take advantage of local storage.

In this procedure, you configure local storage for the virtual-machine swap files, not the paging and temp files in the guest OS. When you create a linked-clone pool, you also can redirect guest OS paging and temp files to a separate disk. See Worksheet for Creating a Linked-Clone Desktop Pool.


Prepare the parent virtual machine to meet the requirements of the View Composer service. See Prepare a Parent Virtual Machine.


  1. Configure a swapfile datastore on the ESXi host or cluster on which you will deploy the linked-clone pool.
  2. When you create the parent virtual machine in vCenter Server, store the virtual-machine swap files on the swapfile datastore on the local ESXi host or cluster:
    1. In vSphere Client, select the parent virtual machine.
    2. Click Edit Settings and click the Options tab.
    3. Click Swapfile location and click Store in the host's swapfile datastore.
    For detailed instructions, see the VMware vSphere documentation.


When you deploy a pool from this parent virtual machine, the linked clones use the local ESXi host's swapfile datastore.