Customization specifications are optional, but they can greatly expedite automated pool deployments by providing configuration information for general properties such as licensing, domain attachment, and DHCP settings.

With customization specifications, you can customize remote desktops as they are created in View Administrator. You create new customization specifications by using the Customization Specification wizard in vSphere Client.

See the vSphere Virtual Machine Administration document for information on using the Customization Specification wizard.

Make sure that the customization specifications are accurate before you use them in View Administrator. In vSphere Client, deploy and customize a virtual machine from your template using the customization specifications. Fully test the virtual machine, including DHCP and authentication, before you create remote desktops.

When you use a Sysprep customization specification to join a Windows desktop to a domain, you must use the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the Active Directory domain. You cannot use the NetBIOS name of the Active Directory domain.