When you create an application pool and manually specify an application, the Add Application Pools wizard prompts you for information about the application. It is not a requirement that the application is already installed on any RDS host.

You can print this worksheet and write down the properties of an application when you specify the application manually.

Table 1. Worksheet: Application Properties for Creating an Application Pool Manually
Property Description Fill in Your Value Here
ID Unique name that identifies the pool in View Administrator. This field is required.
Display Name Pool name that users see when they log in to Horizon Client. If you do not specify a display name, it will be the same as ID.
Version Version of the application.
Publisher Publisher of the application.
Path Full pathname of the application. For example, C:\Program Files\app1.exe. This field is required.
Start Folder Full pathname of the starting directory for the application.
Parameters Parameters to pass to the application when it starts. For example, you can specify -username user1 -loglevel 3.
Description Description of this application pool.