With application pools, you can deliver a single application to many users. The application runs on a farm of RDS hosts.

When you create an application pool, you deploy an application in the data center that users can access from anywhere on the network. For an introduction to application pools, see Farms, RDS Hosts, and Desktop and Application Pools.

An application pool has a single application and is associated with a single farm. To avoid errors, you must install the application on all of the RDS hosts in the farm.

When you create an application pool, View automatically displays the applications that are available to all users rather than individual users from the Start menu on all the RDS hosts in the farm. You can select one or more applications from the list. If you select multiple applications from the list, a separate application pool is created for each application. You can also manually specify an application that is not on the list. If an application that you want to manually specify is not already installed, View displays a warning message.

When you create an application pool, you cannot specify the access group in which to place the pool. For application pools and RDS desktop pools, you specify the access group when you create a farm.

An application supports the PCoIP and Blast (for HTML Access) display protocols. To enable HTML Access, see "Prepare Desktops, Pools, and Farms for HTML Access," in the "Setup and Installation" chapter in the Using HTML Access document, available from https://www.vmware.com/support/viewclients/doc/viewclients_pubs.html.