The logging group policy settings determine the name, location, and behavior of the View Persona Management log files.

View Persona Management logging configuration is simplified in Horizon 6 version 6.1 and later releases. To use the updated logging settings, you must upgrade the View Persona Management ADM file, ViewPM.adm, to the version that is provided with Horizon 6 version 6.1 with View or later.

Group Policy Setting


Logging filename

Specifies the full pathname of the local View Persona Management log file.

The default path is ProgramData\VMware\VDM\logs\filename.

The default logging filename is VMWVvp.txt.

Logging destination

Determines whether to write all log messages to the log file, the debug port, or both destinations.

By default, logging messages are sent to the log file.

Logging flags

Specifies the type of log messages that are generated.

  • Log information messages.

  • Log debug messages.

When this setting is disabled or not configured, and by default when the setting is configured, log messages are set to information level.

Log history depth

Determines the number of historical log files that View Persona Management maintains.

You can set a minimum of one and a maximum of 10 historical log files to be maintained.

By default, one historical log file is maintained.

Upload log to network

Uploads the View Persona Management log file to the specified network share when the user logs off.

When this setting is enabled, specify the network share path. The network share path must be a UNC path. View Persona Management does not create the network share.

By default, the log file is not uploaded to the network share.