To configure a View Connection Server instance, security server, or View Composer instance to use an SSL certificate, you must import the server certificate and the entire certificate chain into the Windows local computer certificate store on the View Connection Server, security server, or View Composer host.

In a pod of replicated View Connection Server instances, you must import the server certificate and certificate chain on all instances in the pod.

By default, the Blast Secure Gateway (BSG) uses the SSL certificate that is configured for the View Connection Server instance or security server on which the BSG is running. If you replace the default, self-signed certificate for a View server with a CA-signed certificate, the BSG also uses the CA-signed certificate.

Important: To configure View Connection Server or security server to use a certificate, you must change the certificate Friendly name to vdm. Also, the certificate must have an accompanying private key.

If you intend to replace an existing certificate or the default, self-signed certificate with a new certificate after you install View Composer, you must run the SviConfig ReplaceCertificate utility to bind the new certificate to the port used by View Composer.