The script installs View Agent on a Linux guest operating system.

Use the following form of the script in a command window in the gnome desktop environment. command_option argument [command_option argument] . . .

The script includes mandatory and optional parameters.

Table 1. Mandatory Parameters
Mandatory Parameter Description
-b FQDN or IP address of the View Connection Server instance if the authentication mechanism is DIGEST-MD5. If the authentication mechanism is Kerberos, specify the real FQDN and not the IP address or a mapped FQDN.
-d Domain name of the View Connection Server instance. For example:
-u User name of the View Connection Server administrator. For example: myadmin

The administrator must have the Agent Registration Administrators or Administrators role in View Administrator. Specifically, the Register Agent privilege is required to register View Agent with View Connection Server. Agent Registration Administrators is a restricted role that provides this minimum privilege.

Table 2. Password Parameter
Optional Parameter (Required Information) Description
-p Password for the View Connection Server administrator.

You do not have to type the -p parameter at the command line if you do not want to expose the password in text. If you type the command without the -p parameter, you are prompted to enter the password. When you type the password at the prompt, the text is hidden.

You must provide the password, either with the -p parameter or at the prompt.

If the password contains a special character such as $ within the shell in which the installer is executed, make sure the special character is escaped. For example: ab\$cdef

-A yes EULA acceptance. You must specify yes for the install to proceed. If this parameter is not specified, the install script prompts for the value.
Table 3. Optional Parameters
Optional Parameters Description
-n Machine name that is registered to View Connection Server. By default, the View Agent installer uses the host name. You can specify your own name.
-s Subject DN of the self-signed certificate.

By default, the View Agent installer generates a self-signed certificate with the following Subject DN value: '/C=US/ST=California/O=VMware/CN=Hostname.DomainName'. The default CN specifies the host name and domain name of the machine.

You can specify your own Subject DN.

-m yes Enable smart card redirection.
-j JMS SSL keystore password. If not specified, the installer will generate a random password.
-k The Active Directory server's address for Kerberos authentication. Setting this parameter means that the installer will only use Kerberos for authentication.
-r Reboot the operating system after installation. The allowed values are yes and no. The default is no.