View Secure Gateway Server is the server-side component for the secure HTTPS connection between client systems and a security server, Access Point appliance, or View Connection Server instance.

When you configure the tunnel connection for View Connection Server, RDP, USB, and Multimedia Redirection (MMR) traffic is tunneled through the View Secure Gateway component. When you configure direct client connections, these protocols connect directly from the client to the remote desktop and are not tunneled through the View Secure Gateway Server component.

Note: Clients that use the PCoIP display protocol can use the tunnel connection for USB redirection and multimedia redirection (MMR) acceleration, but for all other data, PCoIP uses the PCoIP Secure Gateway on a security server or Access Point appliance.

View Secure Gateway Server is also responsible for forwarding other Web traffic, including user authentication and desktop and application selection traffic, from clients to the View Broker component. View Secure Gateway Server also passes View Administrator client Web traffic to the Administration Server component.