Enhanced message security mode is a Horizon 6 version 6.1 feature. When you upgrade, the existing setting used for the previous version is retained. You can use View Administrator to change the setting to Enhanced.

About this task

This topic describes how to use View Administrator to change the message security mode to Enhanced and monitor the progress of the change on all View components. You can alternatively use the vdmutil command-line utility to change the mode and monitor progress. See the View Administration document.


With Horizon 6 version 6.2 and later releases, you can use Access Point appliances instead of View security servers. Access Point uses a standard HTTP(S) protocol for communication with View Connection Server. JMS, IPsec, and AJP13 are not used.

If you would like to use Access Point appliances instead of View security servers, you must upgrade the View Connection Server instances to version 6.2 or later before installing and configuring the Access Point appliances to point to the View Connection Server instances, or the load balancer that fronts the instances. For more information, see Deploying and Configuring Access Point.


Verify that you have upgraded all View Connection Server instances, security servers, and View desktops to Horizon 6 version 6.1 or a later release. View components that predate Horizon 6 version 6.1 cannot communicate with a View Connection Server 6.1 instance that uses Enhanced mode.


  1. Configure back-end firewall rules to allow security servers to send JMS traffic on port 4002 to View Connection Server instances.
  2. In View Administrator, go to View Configuration > Global Settings, and on the Security tab, set Message security mode to Enhanced.
  3. Manually restart the VMware Horizon View Message Bus Component service on all View Connection Server hosts in the pod, or restart the View Connection Server instances.

    After the services are restarted, the View Connection Server instances reconfigure the message security mode on all desktops and security servers, changing the mode to Enhanced.

  4. To monitor the progress in View Administrator, go to View Configuration > Global Settings.

    On the Security tab, the Enhanced Security Status item will show Enhanced when all components have made the transition to Enhanced mode.


When servers communicate with clients, servers will configure clients to use enhanced mode.