During the first maintenance window, you will upgrade View Composer. Operations such as provisioning and recomposing linked-clone desktops are not supported until all View servers are upgraded.


  • Determine when to perform this procedure. Choose an available desktop maintenance window. Budget 15 minutes to half an hour.
  • Complete the tasks listed in Preparing for Upgrades of View Composer Only.
  • Verify that the server on which View Composer is installed has a CA (certificate authority)-signed TLS/SSL server certificate installed and configured. After you upgrade View Connection Server, if View Composer does not use a CA-signed certificate, the default self-signed certificate is shown as invalid in View Administrator.
  • Verify that you have a domain user account with administrative privileges on the hosts that you will use to run the installer and perform the upgrade.
  • Determine whether to let the installer wizard upgrade the View Composer database if a schema upgrade is required. You can choose to run the SviConfig command-line utility after the wizard finishes to upgrade the database schema manually and to create a log of the upgrade.


  1. On the virtual or physical machines where View Composer is installed, download and run the installer for View Composer.
    You can download the installer from the VMware Web site.
    Step-by-step instructions for running the installer appear in the View Installation document.
  2. Specify whether you want the wizard to upgrade the database schema if a schema upgrade is required.
    If a dialog box appears with the message "Database upgrade completed with warnings" you can click OK and safely ignore the message.
  3. When the wizard prompts you for the View Composer port number, verify that the port number is set to 18443.

What to do next

If you need to do a manual upgrade of the database schema, see Run SviConfig to Manually Upgrade the Database.

At your next maintenance window, continue with the View upgrade. See Upgrade View Connection Servers in a Replicated Group.