The plug-in workflow library contains workflows that you can use to run automated processes to manage View pods, including objects such as remote desktops and applications, pools, entitlements, and View server configuration.

The folders and workflows provided by the Horizon vRealize Orchestrator plug-in are all created in the Horizon folder and are organized into various subfolders according to purpose and functionality. You can modify this folder structure without impacting the execution of the workflows.


Some of the folders contain workflows that other workflows depend on. Do not modify these workflows.

Table 1. Folders Included with the Horizon vRealize Orchestrator Plug-In

Folder Name



Root folder for the Horizon vRealize Orchestrator plug-in.

CoreModules/API Access

API layer for the workflows.


Do not modify the contents of this folder.

CoreModules/Business Logic

Business logic for workflow interactions between the execution layers and the API Access layer.


Do not modify the contents of this folder.


Workflows for setting up and administering other workflows. Configuration workflows should be executed only by administrators, from within the Orchestrator client.

Configuration/Workflow Delegation

Workflows an administrator can use to test whether a particular delegated administrator can successfully run the workflow. Some workflows might run in vSphere Web Client but not display a permissions error if the delegated administrator does not have the correct permissions.


Workflows that you can use as a basis to create customized workflows.


Only the primary administrator will be able to run the Add Pool Policy in Batch workflow if you set the workflow permissions as recommended in this document.


Workflows an administrator uses to create catalog items from within vRealize Automation. Some of the workflows in this folder are self-service workflows, which are designed to be used by end users for self-service access to virtual desktops and remote applications. These workflows are intended to be run only in vRealize Automation.


Workflows that are intended to be run by administrators or delegated administrators in vSphere Web Client but can also be run in the Orchestrator client.