The script installs Horizon Agent on a Linux guest operating system.

Use the following form of the script in a command window in the gnome desktop environment. command_option argument [command_option argument] . . .

The script includes mandatory and optional parameters.

Table 1. Optional but Required Parameter
Optional Parameter (Required Information) Description
-A yes |no Accept or Refuse EULA. You must specify yes for the install to proceed.
Table 2. Optional Parameters
Optional Parameters Description
-a yes|no Install or bypass audio input support. Default is no.
-s Self signed cert subject DN. By default, installer uses Blast.
-m yes|no Install or Bypass smartcard redirection support. Default is no.
-j JMS SSL keystore password. By default, installer generates a random string.
-r yes|no Restart the system automatically after installation. Default is no.
-M yes|no Upgrade the Linux Agent to managed or un-managed agent. Default is yes.
Table 3. Examples of Parameters
Condition Examples
Fresh Installation
sudo ./ -A yes

Fresh installation always requires new desktop pool creation.

Upgrade from unmanaged virtual machine and retain the unmanaged virtual machine style
sudo ./ -A yes -M no

This type of upgrade does not require new desktop pool creation. You can reuse the existing desktop pool .

Upgrade from unmanaged virtual machine deployment and convert to managed virtual machine style. The upgrade requires new desktop pool creation on broker
 sudo ./ -A yes

This type of upgrade requires a new desktop pool creation. You must delete the existing desktop pool.