Because you can assign home sites to both users and groups, a single user can have multiple home sites. In addition, home sites associated with global entitlements can override a user's own home site. You can use View Administrator to determine a user's effective home site.


  1. Log in to the View Administrator user interface for any View Connection Server instance in the pod federation.
  2. In View Administrator, select Users and Groups, click the Home Site tab, and select Resolution.
  3. Click inside the Click here to find the user text box.
  4. Select one or more search criteria and click Find to filter the Active Directory users based on your search criteria.
  5. Select the Active Directory user whose effective home site you want to display and click OK.
  6. Click Look Up.


View Administrator displays the effective home site for each global entitlement to which the user belongs. Only global entitlements that have the Use home site policy enabled are displayed.

The home site that is in effect appears in the Home Site Resolution column. If a user has multiple home sites, a folder icon appears next to the global entitlement name in the Entitlement column. You can expand this folder to list the home site assignments that are not in effect for the global entitlement. View Administrator uses strikethrough text to indicate a home site is not in effect.

View Administrator displays the origin of a home site assignment in parentheses after the home site name in the Home Site Resolution column. If the home site originated from a group in which the user belongs, View Administrator displays the name of the group, for example, (via Domain Users). If the home site originated from the user's own home site assignment, View Administrator displays (Default). If the home site originated from the global entitlement (a home site override), View Administrator displays (Direct).

If a user does not have a home site, View Administrator displays No home site defined in the Home Site Resolution column.