With View Composer persistent disks, you can preserve user data and settings while you manage linked-clone OS disks with refresh, recompose, and rebalance operations. Configuring persistent disks can enhance the performance of View Persona Management when users generate a large amount of persona information. You can configure persistent disks only with dedicated-assignment, linked-clone desktops.

View Persona Management maintains each user profile on a remote repository that is configured on a network share. After a user logs into a desktop, the persona files are dynamically downloaded as the user needs them.

If you configure persistent disks with View Persona Management, you can refresh and recompose the linked-clone OS disks and keep a local copy of the each user profile on the persistent disks.

The persistent disks can act as a cache for the user profiles. When a user requires persona files, View Persona Management does not need to download data that is the same on the local persistent disk and the remote repository. Only unsynchronized persona data needs to be downloaded.

If you configure persistent disks, do not enable the Remove local persona at log off policy. Enabling this policy deletes the user data from the persistent disks when users log off.