You use the User Environment Manager Management Console to create a Horizon smart policy in User Environment Manager. When you define a Horizon smart policy, you can add conditions that must be met for the smart policy to take effect.


For complete information about using the User Environment Manager Management Console, see the User Environment Manager Administrator's Guide document.


  1. In the User Environment Manager Management Console, select the User Environment tab and click Horizon Smart Policies in the tree view.
    Existing Horizon smart policy definitions, if any, appear in the Horizon Smart Policies pane.
  2. Right-click Horizon Smart Policies and select Create Horizon Smart Policy definition to create a new smart policy.
    The Horizon Smart Policy dialog box appears.
  3. Select the Settings tab and define the smart policy settings.
    1. In the General Settings section, type a name for the smart policy in the Name text box.
      For example, if the smart policy will affect the client drive redirection feature, you might name the smart policy CDR.
    2. In the Horizon Smart Policy Settings section, select the remote desktop features and settings to include in the smart policy.
      You can select multiple remote desktop features.
  4. (Optional) To add a condition to the smart policy, select the Conditions tab, click Add, and select a condition.
    You can add multiple conditions to a smart policy definition.
  5. Click Save to save the smart policy.


User Environment Manager processes the Horizon smart policy each time a user connects or reconnects to the remote desktop.

User Environment Manager processes multiple smart policies in alphabetical order based on the smart policy name. Horizon smart policies appear in alphabetical order in the Horizon Smart Policies pane. If smart policies conflict, the last smart policy processed takes precedence. For example, if you have a smart policy named Sue that enables USB redirection for the user named Sue, and another smart policy named Pool that disables USB redirection for the desktop pool named Win7, the USB redirection feature is enabled when Sue connects to a remote desktop in the Win7 desktop pool.