To uninstall Horizon Agent on a Linux virtual machine, you use the script. You also must remove the Horizon 7 for Linux configuration files from the machine.



  1. Open a terminal window on the virtual machine and run the Horizon Agent uninstall script.
    For example:
    sudo /usr/lib/vmware/viewagent/bin/
    The script stops Horizon Agent processes, deletes the Horizon Agent service, and deletes the Horizon Agent installation directory, /usr/lib/vmware/viewagent.
  2. Manually delete the Horizon 7 for Linux configuration files, located in the /etc/vmware/ directory.
    If you intend to reinstall Horizon Agent (for example, to upgrade to a later Horizon Agent version), you do not have to delete these configuration files.
    delete /etc/vmware/viewagent-machine.cfg 
    delete /etc/vmware/viewagent-config.txt 
    delete /etc/vmware/jms 
    delete /etc/vmware/ssl