The Horizon Agent installer fails to register a Linux virtual machine with View Connection Server.


  1. Verify that you have the correct View Connection Server FQDN, domain name, user name, and password.
  2. Verify that the View administrator user has the privileges to allow Horizon Agent registration.
    1. In View Administrator, select View Configuration > Administrators.
    2. In the Administrators and Groups tab, select the View administrator user that you provided during Horizon Agent installation.
    3. Verify that the user has the Agent Registration Administrators or Administrators role.
  3. If the View administrator password includes a special character, escape the special character with a backslash.

    For example: ab\$cdef

  4. On the Linux machine, open the Horizon Agent registration log file and look for error messages.
  5. If the authentication mechanism is DIGEST-MD5, that is, the -k option is not specified, ensure that the AD policy Store password using reversible encryption is enabled for the user that you specified.
  6. If the authentication mechanism is Kerberos, ensure that the -k option specifies the AD server's correct address and that the -b option specifies the Connection Server instance's full computer name, including the host name and the domain name.
  7. Install Horizon Agent on the Linux virtual machine again.