Various problems can arise with USB redirection in Horizon Client.


  • If available, use PCoIP instead of RDP as the protocol.
  • If a redirected device remains unavailable or stops working after a temporary disconnection, remove the device, plug it in again, and retry the redirection.
  • In View Administrator, go to Policies > Global Policies, and verify that USB access is set to Allow under View Policies.
  • Examine the log on the guest for entries of class ws_vhub, and the log on the client for entries of class vmware-view-usbd.

    Entries with these classes are written to the logs if a user is not an administrator, or if the USB redirection drivers are not installed or are not working. For the location of these log files, see "Using Log Files for Troubleshooting and to Determine USB Device IDs" in the Configuring Remote Desktop Features in Horizon 7 document.

  • Open the Device Manager on the guest, expand Universal Serial Bus controllers, and reinstall the VMware View Virtual USB Host Controller and VMware View Virtual USB Hub drivers if these drivers are missing or re-enable them if they are disabled.