Access is denied when Horizon Client connects with RSA SecurID authentication.


A Horizon Client connection with RSA SecurID displays Access Denied and the RSA Authentication Manager Log Monitor displays the error Node Verification Failed.


The RSA Agent host node secret needs to be reset.


  1. In Horizon Administrator, select View Configuration > Servers.
  2. On the Connection Servers tab, select the Connection Server and click Edit.
  3. On the Authentication tab, select Clear node secret.
  4. Click OK to clear the node secret.
  5. On the computer that is running RSA Authentication Manager, select Start > Programs > RSA Security > RSA Authentication Manager Host Mode.
  6. Select Agent Host > Edit Agent Host.
  7. Select View Connection Server from the list and deselect the Node Secret Created check box.
    Node Secret Created is selected by default each time you edit it.
  8. Click OK.