The operation of remote desktops and applications depends on several Windows services.

Table 1. View Agent (for Horizon 6) or Horizon Agent (for Horizon 7) Services
Service Name Startup Type Description
VMware Blast Automatic Provides services for HTML Access and for using the VMware Blast Extreme protocol for connecting with native clients.
VMware Horizon View Agent Automatic Provides services for View Agent/Horizon Agent.
VMware Horizon View Composer Guest Agent Server Automatic Provides services if this virtual machine is part of a View Composer linked-clone desktop pool.
VMware Horizon View Persona Management Automatic if the feature is enabled; otherwise Disabled Provides services for the VMware Persona Management feature.
VMware Horizon View Script Host Disabled Provides support for running start session scripts, if any, to configure desktop security policies before a desktop session begins. Policies are based on the client device and the user's location.
VMware Netlink Supervisor Service Automatic To support the scanner redirection feature and the serial port redirection feature, provides monitoring services for transferring information between kernel and user space processes.
VMware Scanner Redirection Client Service Automatic (View Agent 6.0.2 and later) Provides services for the scanner redirection feature.
VMware Serial Com Client Service Automatic (View Agent 6.1.1 and later) Provides services for the serial port redirection feature.
VMware Snapshot Provider Manual Provides services for virtual machine snapshots, which are used for cloning.
VMware Tools Automatic Provides support for synchronizing objects between the host and guest operating systems, which enhances the performance of the virtual machines guest operating system and improves management of the virtual machine.
VMware USB Arbitration Service Automatic Enumerates the various USB devices connected to the client and determines which devices to connect to the client and which to connect to the remote desktop.
VMware View USB Automatic Provides services for the USB redirection feature.