To use the lmvutil command to configure and manage a Cloud Pod Architecture environment, you must run the command as a user who has the Administrators role.

You can use Horizon Console to assign the Administrators role to a user. See the Horizon 7 Administration document.

The lmvutil command includes options to specify the user name, domain, and password to use for authentication.

Table 1. lmvutil Command Authentication Options
Option Description

Name of a Horizon administrator user. Do not use domain\username or user principal name (UPN) format.


Fully qualified domain name for the Horizon administrator user specified in the --authAs option.


Password for the Horizon administrator user specified in the --authAs option. Entering "*" instead of a password causes the lmvutil command to prompt for the password and does not leave sensitive passwords in the command history on the command line.

For example, the following lmvutil command logs in the user domainEast\adminEast and initializes the Cloud Pod Architecture feature.

lmvutil --authAs adminEast --authDomain domainEast --authPassword "*" --initialize

You must use the authentication options with all lmvutil command options except for --help and --verbose.