You can use the View Composer support script to collect configuration data and generate log files for View Composer. This information helps VMware customer support diagnose any issues that arise with View Composer.


Log in to the computer on which View Composer is installed.

Because you must use the Windows Script Host utility (cscript) to run the support script, familiarize yourself with using cscript. See


  1. Open a command prompt window and change to the C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View Composer directory.
    If you did not install the software in the default directories, substitute the appropriate drive letter and path.
  2. Type the command to run the svi-support script.
    cscript ".\svi-support.wsf" /zip
    You can use the /? option to display information about other command options that are available with the script.
    When the script finishes, it informs you of the name and location of the output file.
  3. File a support request on the Support page of the VMware Web site and attach the output file.