You can run Horizon Performance Tracker in a remote desktop. You can also run Horizon Performance Tracker as a published application.

Horizon Performance Tracker Features

Horizon Performance Tracker displays critical data of the following features:
Table 1. Horizon Performance Tracker Features
Performance Monitoring Details
Protocol specific data
  • Encoder Name: The name of encoder used in display protocol
  • Bandwidth Used: Overall bandwidth for incoming and outgoing bandwidth averaged over the sampling period for display protocol, PCoIP or Blast
  • Frame rate per second: Number of imaging frames that were encoded over a one-second sampling period
  • Audio On: Whether the Audio feature is on
  • Audio Started: Whether the Audio feature is started
  • CPU usage:
    • Encoder CPU: CPU usage of the display protocol encoder in current user session
    • System CPU: Total CPU usage of system
Transport type
  • Client to Remote Session: UDP or TCP protocol transport package used from client to remote peer
  • Remote Session to Client: UDP or TCP protocol transport package used from remote peer to client
  • Horizon Connection Server: UDP or TCP protocol transport package used to connect to a Connection Server instance
System health status
  • Estimated Bandwidth: Overall estimated bandwidth available between Horizon Client and Horizon Agent
  • Round Trip: Round trip latency in milliseconds between the Horizon Agentand the Horizon Client
Session context
  • Server details, such as DNS name, domain name, whether it is tunneled, URL, remote IP address
  • Client machine details, such as display number, IP address, keyboard and mouse layout, language, time zone
Realtime protocol switch
Note: Horizon Performance Tracker only collects and displays data when Horizon Agent is running in a virtual desktop session.

System Requirements for Horizon Performance Tracker

Horizon Performance Tracker supports these configurations.
Table 2. Horizon Performance Tracker System Requirements
System Requirements
Virtual desktop operating systems All operating systems that support Horizon Agent, except Linux agents.
Client machine operating systems All Horizon Client versions are supported, except Horizon Client for Linux and Horizon Client for Windows 10 UWP as published applications are not supported.
Display protocols VMware Blast and PCoIP
.NET Framework Horizon Performance Tracker requires .NET Framework version 4.0 or later.

Installing Horizon Performance Tracker

Horizon Performance Tracker is a custom setup option in the Horizon Agent installer. You must select the option, as it is not selected by default. Horizon Performance Tracker is available for both IPv4 and IPv6.

You can install Horizon Performance Tracker on a virtual desktop or on an RDS host. If you install it on an RDS host, you can publish it as published application and run the published application from Horizon Client. See Setting Up Published Desktops and Applications in Horizon 7 document.

The installation creates a shortcut on the desktop.

Configuring Horizon Performance Tracker Group Policy Settings

You can configure group policy settings to change the default settings. See Configure the Horizon Performance Tracker Group Policy Settings.